Joeson Bade

Lord of House Bade, High Chancellor of Merridan


Joeson Bade is an older man of about 65 years. Lean and tall with menacing eyes. Joeson is extremely intelligent and politically shrewd.


Joeson Bade came to Merridan when he was only 15 as an immigrant from Cathar avoiding religious persecution. His meteoric rise in Merridan society has almost become legend.

Beginning as a small time merchant, Joeson was the first Merridan merchant to open up trade with the cities of Sosar establishing the extremely lucrative spice trade. Shortly after he founded the Sadar (Sosarian for Spice) trade guild which rose to become one of the most powerful merchant guilds in the city. Joeson then used to his wealth to enter the political fray. A non-Merridan and a non noble his political abilities were extremely limited. Through shrewd political maneuvering, bribing, murder and who knows what else. Joeson had his family join the nobility and has risen to the second highest political position in the city, High Chancellor.

He has two son’s Maximillian, the current leader of the Sadar trade guild and Byron, the current head of the trade union.

Joeson Bade

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