The Horde Invaision

First Play through
Welcome to Merridan

The party arrived in Merridan as immigrants and were quickly told that they needed to find employment and get there visas processed or they would face deportation from the island. The non-humans of the party were told that they had to wear yellow wrist bands at all times. Except for Gibb the Glibb who managed to disguise himself as a human child.

They quickly found work with the Sadar Trade Guild. The party met Maximillian Bade who offered them employment as guards on a trade mission to Sosar delivering spices. The party was promised 2 gold a day for humans and 1 gold a day for non-humans. Maximillian then gave the party chits for room and board at the Barge Inn and a pass for free drinks at Videll’s brothel. The job would last two months and there ship was set to depart at sunset.The party accepted and were soon on there way to have there papers processed in the city.

As they left Binslo The Bandalo saw some halfings being abused by 3 humans and decided to step in and yelled at them to stop. One of the drunk humans threatened Binslo and he side stepped him and knocked him to the ground. The humans called to the local guards who sounded an alarm and joined the fray attacking some of the party. Maximillian soon intervened and paid off the guards and drunk humans deducting half the pay of each of the party members.

The party then entered the city having to bribe the guards for Binslo and Gibb who were hassled for being non-humans. The Party then had there papers filled and stamped with immigration without hassle.

The party then decided to check out Videll’s brothel looking for information on the city and trade. Gibb used a spell to disguise Thong-Thong and Aiden’s character as wealthly merchants and the others as their servants. They entered the brothel and were treated to free drinks and food in there own private room.

Thong-Thogn got some information from the working girls and also met the mysterious figure Lord Pater who promised to help him establish trade relations with the Arman trade guild for a fee of 500 gold, and a cut of future profits. Thong-thong then went and had a free drink at the bar.

Binslo decided to explore the area sneaking into the upstairs apartments but got caught trying to sneak into one of the rooms.

Aiden’s character proceeded to dance with one of the working girls and then accidentally insulted Mademoiselle Videll by asking if since she was old it would cost less money for her services. He then proceeded to dance with the halfling band putting on quite the show entertaining the patrons.

Binslo and Ian’s character then decided to try to sneak into the basement. Picking the lock and going down the stairs they found a cellar and stole some apples, smoked meat and wine. They almost got caught when a halfling servant came down to get wine but managed to hide. They then went and explored the rest of the basement finding a young halfling girl crying because she was beating by her masters. Ian offered her some food and tried to console her.

In the mean time, Aiden’s dancing attracted the attention of Lord Joeson Bade who engaged him in conversation. Not knowing who he was Aiden lied about being one of the higher ups from the Sadar Trade guild. Joeson called him out on his lie and demanded he explain himself. Aiden tried to exscape but was caught by the guards. Videll then got involved and managed to cancell Gibb’s illusion spell. Joeson then had Thong-Thong and Aiden arrested. Ekulf and Gibb realizing the spell had been cancelled then escaped through a window in the brothels kitchen. Gibb hid in the garbage and Ekulf escaped up on to the roof navigating a path and hiding in a chimney. Th guards failed to notice either of them and Gibb escaped into the crowded streets. Ekulf was approached by halfling thieves who helped him escape to the entrance of the Halfling slum. The thieves handed him a piece of parachment explaining that it would show him how to contact the thieves guild.

Binslo and Ian got stuck in the basement and tried to hide from an approaching halfling but were ratted out by the crying halfling girl. The new halfling rather than turning them in helped them escape into the alley that Gibb and Ekulf escaped from. At this point two guards were posted at the exit. Binslo and Ian tried to sneak passed but were noticed. Binslo managed to hide in the garbage and Ian ran up the pipes onto the roof distracting the guards. Ian ran across the roof jumping off into a hay cart. He was then approached by halfling thieves who helped him escape to the halfling slum meeting up with Ekulf.

Binslo escaped into the streets and met up with Gibb. Gibb and Nislo then decided to head to the Barge inn hoping to meet up with there other party members who escaped.

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